Interior Signs

Smokie Joes Bar InteriorAll interior neon signs are custom made and installed to your specifications. Window neon signs are an attractive, economical way to advertise who you are, what products you sell and where you are located. Neon tubes framing windows is also a good way to get noticed and brighten up your location with some color. Both interior signs and window framing are available in more than 40 neon colors. The life expectancy of these fixtures is 20-25 years with very little maintenance.

11th ST InteriorAll interior signs are custom made in a variety of type styles and sizes. An interior neon sign is a good way to display the name of your business, its phone number, what it is you sell and even your logo. Signs can be mounted in several different ways depending on your needs. Mounting to Plexiglas generally makes the most sense as it is the most durable and protects the sign from being broken while remaining transparent or providing a solid background. Plexiglas is also the most economical way to mount a sign. A glass frame is an alternative mounting method that provides light weight nearly invisible support, yet is more costly and fragile than Plexiglas mounting. Signs can also be mounted directly to walls.

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