Exterior Signs

Kovak & Son Exterior SignExterior neon signs provide the greatest amount of exposure and can be a good way to liven up your storefront. There are many good color choices available of which you may choose just one or mix it up with several colors on the same sign.

Signs are custom manufactured and can display any information that you please, including your business name, phone number, what you sell and your logo, and are readable at great distances.There are 3 types of exterior signs that we manufacture at neon design:

Wall mounted signs; neon tubes are mounted directly to the exterior surface of your building. This type of sign looks very clean and can include lighting to help accent the architecture of your building.

Kovak & Son Exterior SignNeon sign on a metal box; where the neon is mounted to the surface of the box, and all of the connections and transformers are hidden inside of the box. This style of sign provides for better protection from the elements and provides a convenient location for the power. Channel letters; which is individual boxes in the shape of letters with colored translucent faces and neon inside. These signs generally suited to larger areas for displaying the name of the business. They offer the best protection from the elements and look very professional.

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